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Happy 2009 all!

2009 - the year everything happens? Hopefully.
The end of 2008 was so stressful that 2009 must be better (well, I am expecting stress over the next 6 weeks as we try and get floorboards sanded, stained and polished, electricians in to do stuff, and install a kitchen. Not to mention painting an entire house).

So the big question - is anyone going to Hellfire this month? We are looking at going, but are worried we'll be the only queers (again). Hehehe.

Oh, and another gratuitous house shot ;D. Wow, the grass is huge, good thing The Boi bought a lawnmower....

EEP. We found a place!

Put an offer on a house in Punchbowl (a house!) and it was accepted. We sign the contract tomorrow - so stressful. But exciting too. House warming in February some time?


Uber Girlie Cardi

Yay! Finally finished! A month of knitting but totally worth it.... The Boi likes it too (hy has something against knitted clothing, so thats rare praise), i think i'll have to find an excuse to wear it everyday this week hehe.

The pattern is Jenny, from Rowan 37. Bendigo Cotton 8ply in black for the body, 8ply Spotlight Cotton for the pink edging.
If anyone is interested (and can deal with their attitude) - They are training a new piercer, all piercings will be supervised. Offer valid for weekdays only - except Tuesday. You have to make an appointment on 9516 2266.

I believe the jewellery is 25% off too.

Halloween Goodness

Phroar - The Boi makes a hot Sweeney Todd...

New job!

Yay! I got offered a job in Customer Assurance and Compliance - and area delightfully named BackFlow. It pays more, the work is more interesting and, well it pays more.
The money will come in useful if The Boi and I try to buy a house at the end of the year.

Right now i'm at the 'shram, missing Under The Blue Moon but helping The Boi stay sane. In return, he must take me to Gurlesque on Sunday and get me intoxicated. And then take advantage of my drunken state (its a win-win situation hehe).

On Thursday a bunch of us went to see Risky Lunar Love - it was great! I would recommend everyone queer/kinky see it, except it finishes tonite - sorry! I cant get "Strap On Love" outta my head... :D

Be careful what you wish for....

Case in point - tranny bois. You want the facial hair, you deal with the rest that comes... ;D